Rajini Lingaa Collection Review

lingaa tamil review

Today we will review the collection of lingaa movie released. The release date dec 12 is matching with the birth numerology of Rajini, he is majorly affected by 3.

So, we should witness best huge collection for lingaa or some other age excuse in case the earning drop? Lets review lingaa title itself-

LINGAA adds to 14, the addition of extra a is good. But, today date plus destiny plus fri equals 32, which is 14 plus 18. So, 14 0 could create negative impact.

Why are the other small films totally kept out of competition from popular hero films? Then why are such films allowed to be made at all?

Title numerology of today released films-

Badlapur Boys -27 + 13 = 40    Not great

Life Main Twist Hai- 17 + 11 + 18 + 7 = 53   bad number

Main Aur Mr. Riight.- 11 +9 + 6 + 16= 42   bad

Main Aur Mr. Riight

Today Intraday Tips Oct 24, 2014

Tip of the day- The matrix is not simple, it has the unstable 44. Simple things suggest a dull market because of matrix total 38 which kills income.

Today Intraday Tips Oct 23, 2014

Day tip- there are good numbers 23, 33 in the matrix. After low initials, the market could pick uptrend. And yes, there could be swings or double down ups…

Today Intraday Tips Oct 22, 2014

Day tip- Destiny 34 is unstable, it could project an extra 9… which could create wealth number 30 with wed. There is the possibility of low levels in middle or beginning.

If 35 effect gets created in the middle, bank telecom n transport sector could get affected.

Today Intraday Tips Oct 15, 2014

Today intraday tips-

Day 15 and destiny 14 though adds to 29, the 4 could change into 5 creating wealth number 30 and finally death number 35.

Simple things suggest excess of 5, so good trend for stock trading. If the 4 shows effect, then the market might fall heavily later.

Today Intraday Tips Oct 3, 2014

Today date is oct 3 and destiny 11. Numerology of number 11 always hints at downtrend [or else swings]. And the total of both adds to low monetary number 14. And finally it becomes 20 with fri.

So, we can expect downtrend in nse sensex stock market. For detailed intraday tips [besides this free trial], we offer cheap nse tips packages starting at Rs 20,000 /month only.

Share tips services based on numerology always turn into Jackpot tips!

Today Intraday Tips Sept 26, 2014

The initials could be low, but the date destiny is forming 86…ok for banks, transport, communication and in general. Also, it is forming 56…with fri..denoting wealth.

Today Intraday Tips Sept 25, 2014

There is a hidden 58 in the date destiny pattern, which could depress the bank, transport and communication sectors. Beginning, indicated by 7 indicates low level. But final 33 pattern should push thing up to attractive level.

Today Intraday Tips Sept 24, 2014

As we know, number 4 could change its nature sometimes to 5. And today 24 has the 4. Also, the matrix is reversible to 22/24… forming 51 or 52 with wed.

Wed and 4 [22] work well together. So, there should be good ending today. Opening or middle sections could have lower levels/downfall.

Today Intraday Tips July 24, 2014

Sensex and nifty stock tips for intraday trading, date july 24. 2014. Enjoy these sure shot, accurate tips for free. Also, there are paid packages related with stock advice and best stock buying..

Free Nse trading Stock tips for today intraday-

the matrix, when 24 changes to 25, might give the feel of 30- wealth number. [There are pits and falls in the form of 44 and 47 as per non changed version]…

Probable % changes

NSE – .44

BSE – .47